US Defense Department Gives Atlantic Diving Supplies 17.6 Million Dollars To Build New Rocket Launchers


Atlantic Diving Supplies has been given a massive 17.6 million dollar contract to manufacture new rocket launchers for armed men and women in service thanks to the US Defense Department. 

This manufacturing will go on until September 7th, 2018 in Londonderry, N.H. as well as Lynchburg, VA during this time.

If you don't know what a rocket launcher is, it is a weapon that can be carried by men and women as an assault weapon otherwise known as a "bunker buster" thanks to its massive devastation when used. Rocket Launchers can blow up buildings as well as other large targets while still keeping men and women in the armed services mobile on the ground. The Rocket Launcher is mainly used when weapons on a tank cannot because of its size and the ability to use while on the ground. 

Rocket Launchers use different kinds of missiles, including Anti Tank Warheads that is a thermobaric warhead that can cause massive destruction when used. 

These new Rocket Launchers that Atlantic Diving Supplies will manufacture are a more improved version compared to the previous version of the Rocket Launcher because these new Rocket Launchers are made to be carried and used within more enclosed areas that would not otherwise be allowed to get weapons of such force into use against the enemy. These new Rocket Launchers are called the SMAW Mod 2 rocket launchers. These new Rocket Launchers are safer than the previous model Rocket Launcher because the backblast of the previous launcher has been known to injure people when used.

Another thing about these new Rocket Launchers is that they can be equipped with a Modular Ballistic Sight that has a laser rangefinder that can also do thermal imaging to allow for better aim and control of the Rocket Launcher.

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